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I've spent a lot of time researching and trying various products over the years, and I often find that the natural and organic options out there don't always deliver the level of results or effectiveness we are looking for, and leave something to be desired.  And unfortunately, if your products don't leave your skin feeling nourished, healthy, and radiant, you'll have a tendency to revert back to toxic options that have worked for you in the past.

I have finally found a company that values all these principles as much as I do!  Angelina Organic Skincare (AOS) is a small team of experts located in the heart of beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon, a modern skincare apothecary offering organic, fresh, natural, and EFFECTIVE products by combining traditional herbal wisdom and cutting edge plant science.

Angelina Organic Skincare is only available for sale by professionals, so you won't find it in your local drugstore or co-op.  I have personally tried almost every product in their line and have found them to be exceptional.  The purity and freshness of their organic ingredients is unsurpassed, they support your skin’s ability to take care of itself, and deliver consistent results. These products nourish your skin, moving it toward a healthy balance, in order to unveil its natural radiance.  Their price points are far more reasonable than other organic brands I've tried, and I have finally found products I can wholeheartedly recommend.

I'm so excited to share these products with you, they are such a joy to use and you can just feel how their freshness and effectiveness nourishes your skin! It's such a relief to know that they are pure and clean, and you can finally take just as good care with what you put ON your body as what you put IN your body.   Come by and sample aos products at your next appointment!

About aos

Learn more in this note from Angelina, creator and owner of aos

aos (Angelina Organic Skincare) is a modern skin care apothecary, a small team of experts creating small-batch natural facial care, bath, body and aromatherapy products to unveil your natural radiance and bring you into a state of balance and healthy vitality. We combine traditional herbal wisdom and cutting edge plant science to bring you safe, effective and luxuriously sensuous formulas made of the finest plant and mineral ingredients available. We believe in creating beauty from the ground up by supporting small, organic farms and Fair Trade cooperatives, working towards zero-waste production and using (and re-using) eco-friendly packaging. My love affair with plants began in childhood and grew into a lifelong obsession with with plants. Their wisdom, combined with my background in Western sciences and Ayurvedic studies, has guided me in creating unique formulations.

The Kind Approach
Our guiding principle is ahimsa - the yogic practice of non-violence and kindness. We are dedicated to your health and vitality. In the spirit of love toward all, every product, ingredient, and process is thoughtfully created and chosen to help your body, our communities, and our planet grow and thrive. Our commitment to ahimsa leads to inspiring organizations. We adhere to the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics' Leaping Bunny internationally recognized cruelty-free certification. We donate to United Plant Savers, furthering their mission of sustainable access to medicinal wild plants. We also donate to Saving Grace, Central Oregon's only comprehensive domestic violence agency.

Feed Your Skin
As our awareness increases about the importance of what we eat and the effects of our environment upon our bodies, we're becoming more interested in what we use on our skin. Organic skin care is part of a holistic approach to health and well-being. If you choose to eat fresh organic food, why would you nourish your skin with anything less? The skin is the largest organ of the body, absorbing chemicals and nutrients and eliminating toxins. What we absorb through the very permeable surface of our skin should be pure and healthy, full of antioxidants and nutrients. Our products support your skin’s ability to take care of itself, move toward healthy balance and unveil its natural radiance.

We make all of our products fresh because fresh products work better and require fewer preservatives. When a product is fresh, the antioxidants and bioactives are still present and available for your body to use in building healthy cells and tissues to repair damage and rid itself of harmful free radicals.

Fair Trade
We continuously search the world to find farms and cooperatives who are growing herbs, nuts and vegetables of exceptional quality. For example, we receive our fresh shea and cocoa butters from women’s cooperatives in west Africa. They use traditional methods as they hand-harvest and process the finest butters we’ve found anywhere. Members of these cooperatives set their own fair prices and are able to continue living a traditional and earth-friendly lifestyle, while earning excellent wages.

Many of our botanical ingredients are wild harvested or grown by organic farmers right here in Oregon. Your purchase ensures that small villages and family farms will thrive, not merely survive. The farmers we work with love what they do and we are honored to be able to share their life work with you!

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