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Welcome to my curated shop: my patients are often asking for recommendations in these areas, so on this page you’ll find recommendations for natural products for your home, relaxing music for meditation and sleep, as well as books on topics like natural health, nutrition, wellness, Acupuncture (of course!), personal development, and spiritual growth.

(If you’re looking for vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies, you’ll want to visit my “Vitamins & Supplements Dispensary” page).

This shop is the result of years of experience and research; take advantage of the time and effort I have put in, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what products are best!

If you click through any link below and decide to make a purchase, you will pay the same price you would otherwise pay, but I will make a small 4%-8% commission for helping you locate the product. I would never recommend something I don’t stand behind, so if it’s on this page, it is because I recommend it regardless of whether I make money or not. These are all products and books that I genuinely love, and I hope you will too. Enjoy!

Music for Relaxation, Meditation, and Peaceful Sleep

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep
By Liquid Mind, Chuck Wild
Life and Death
Stone Angel Music
Sleep Gold
By Llewellyn

Books: Personal Healing, Growth & Development

Books: Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Books: Health and Nutrition

Books: Spiritual Growth

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